The Dragon-in-Chief


–Developmental Editing: $2.25/page (double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, ~250 words)

I will provide a thorough commentary on the structure of your story, from character development to plot to phrasing and sentence structure. This is the most vital edit, as it helps shape the story and gives it clarity.


–Proofreading: $50/manuscript

I will examine your manuscript meticulously, after it has been edited thoroughly, for typos, misplaced commas, and other grammatical issues that will distract the reader’s eye.


–Marketing Leads: rates vary depending on services requested

I can provide the publicly-available email addresses of reviewers who have covered books in your same genre. I can help you set up a Thunderclap, though you will be in charge of recruiting supporters. I can help you run a launch party through your fan page, using Rafflecopter and to help select winners. I can guide you to the best communities to join, a place where you can become a vibrant member who will garner new readers through interesting discussion and a valuable exchange of ideas. 


–Newsletter service: $25/newsletter

I can provide you with the tools to gather subscriber email addresses, then put together a professional-looking newsletter, using your content, on a monthly basis. I can add simple graphics for $10 more.


–PA Extraordinaire: rates vary depending on services requested

I can provide the above services, as well as maintaining a fan page, a calendar of events and pending deadlines, help maintain network connections with other authors, and provide beta reader feedback during your writing process.


Nota Bene: I will not take on erotica. I prefer the manuscripts I read to be approximately PG-13 or cleaner. If you’re outswearing the Wolf of Wall Street, have blood/entrails spattering the pages frequently, or orgies of any kind, you don’t want my help, but I could probably find you a PA who could be of service to you. 


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