The Dragon-in-Chief (bio and testimonials)

Hello! My name is Karie Crawford. A long time ago, in a state far, far away, I completed my master’s degree in English. Since then, I have been working as a freelance proofreader/editor, an expert paper shuffler, and lately as a personal assistant to a best-selling author. I’ve worked with several people who have praised my proofreading skills and sense of story. A sampling:

Janette Rallison, author of The Unfair Godmother series, says, “Karie Crawford gives useful feedback about manuscripts. She is fast and effective.”
Kelly Oram, author of Cinder & Ella and the V is for Virgin series, says of my proofreading, “You’re good at catching stuff.”

In the last five years, I have discovered and become fully immersed in the indie publishing community. While not yet an author myself, I have enjoyed many independently published works and have learned so much about what it takes to market these books without the support of a publishing house. I’ve helped administrate fan pages, put together numerous newsletters, and run book launch parties. Kelly Oram has mentored me through my marketing apprenticeship, and with her invaluable help, I have learned what resources it takes to bring a book from a plain manuscript to a living, breathing story with proper editing, formatting, cover, and marketing, ready to launch on the world.